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Sign-up for Open Talent Night

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Our 6th Annual Fall Festival & Open Talent Night will take place on Friday, November 5th from 5:30-7:30pm at the studio.

We'll be sharing more information soon about the Fall Festival side of things, but it's time for our dancers to start planning their acts for Open Talent Night & the Sign-up Form is now LIVE!

Open Talent Night is our completely student-directed and produced Talent Show where all of our dancers are invited to share their talents.

Dancers may wish to choreograph their own dances, work with friends to prepare a group piece, sing their favorite song, set-up a magic show, present and share their visual art work, and put together an act sharing any talents they wish to share with their Open Arts Family.

Every year, we have the audience choose one act from the talent show and our staff chooses a second act to perform at our Holiday Show. This year, if you'd like for your act to be considered, please be sure to follow these guidelines:

1. Choose a Holiday Pun ("Ice" to Meet You, Up to "Snow" Good, Make it "Rein" for example)

2. Create an act based on this pun. This could be a choreographed dance, vocal performance, monologue, sharing visual art, to name a few.

3. Rehearse, Costume, and Prepare your final performance for Open Talent Night. We believe in you!!!

Open Talent Night is one of our most favorite events of the year. It can be fun to work with friends or put together an act all on your own. The audience will help us choose 1 act and our teaching staff will choose a second to perform in our Holiday Show on Saturday, December 4th.

Ready to Sign-Up? You can do so at the link below. We can't wait to see your act.

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