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Showcase Success Series

Over the past several weeks we have been sharing tips for you to have the most Successful (and stress-free) Showcase ever. Here's a recap of the key points - and don't forget to visit the Showcase Portal regularly to make sure you have the most up-to-date information.

WEEK ONE - Do you have these Show Related Dates on your calendar yet?
  1. SHOW COLOR & TIME - Do you know which COLOR show(s) your dancer is in? - You can find the color of their show here, by finding their class and which color show it is listed under. Knowing the color of your dancer’s show will help you figure out all the other days and times you need to know for showcase-related activities.

  2. DRESS & TECH REHEARSAL TIME - All classes will participate in a tech rehearsal at the studio in regular dance attire during the week before the showcase. This is a final run-thru of dance and production numbers before moving into the theater. Dress rehearsal will take place at the theater in full costume on the day before, or day of the performance. Once you know your show color, you can find your dress and tech rehearsal times here.

  3. PICTURE DAY & TIME - Picture Day takes place at Open Arts on Friday, April 28th and Saturday, April 29th. Picture Package Pre-Orders will be available the week of the event. You can find your picture day and time here, along with more details about the day.

WEEK TWO - Senior GOAT Addie B. shares her Top 3 Tips for Dancers in this video.
  1. Put your name in EVERYTHING! Keep in mind that ballet shoes, jazz shoes, tights, hair pieces, costume skirts... they tend to ALL look the same! That similarity is great on stage - not so great when we're looking for our things backstage. Label every single item that your child brings backstage with them. It saves time and unnecessary stress backstage and helps ensure your child doesn't lose anything either!

  2. There's no such thing as too many bobby pins :) We love this one! Hairstyles for Showcase are listed in the Costume Book - Buns for ballet, Ponytails for most other styles. Whichever style your dancer needs, hair gel, clips, and bobby pins help secure flyaways and leave you with a slick, pulled back, and neat finished product. Boys and dancers with short hair will also want to make sure that any long bangs or layers are neatly pulled back and out of their eyes as well. Check out our Showcase 101 Pinterest Board for easy hair tutorials and helpful tips. And it's always fun to have a "practice" day at home before Showcase Day, too!

  3. Know your Show Order! This is helpful for dancers who are in more than one dance in a particular show time. It will help you know what costume to come dressed in for Showcase Day and what order to pack your extra costumes in. This is also true for Dress Rehearsal Day - but keep in mind those orders will most likely be different. Plan ahead for success. We don't have the show orders or dress rehearsal orders ready just yet, but when we do they will be available on the Showcase Portal.

WEEK THREE - Backstage Queen Ms. Gabby shares her Top 3 Tips for Parents in this video.
  1. When you bring your child to Showcase, we just need your dancer! Unless your child has a costume change, you should plan to drop your child off at the designated time in FULL COSTUME (including dance shoes) and that's it. If you have a costume change in a single show, bring the extra costume and releated dance shoes in your labeled garment bag. We have lots of staff backstage to help your child change and Ms. Gabby does a great job of keeping our tiny dancers busy and entertained. We'll have water and emergency snacks for dancers who need them, too (But make sure your child has a full meal before coming to your show)! If your child has medical needs or equipment, please be sure to communicate that witourh staff prior to the event so we can make plans to suppoyou andrt your child!

  2. Especially for younger dancers or first timers, TALK TO YOUR CHILD many times before Showcase Day to let them know how their day will go. There will be VERY exciting times on stage but there will also be a lot of waiting. For PreSchool and K-2nd Grade Classes, they will be dropped off in the theater for a rehearsal on stage. They will get to sit in the audience and watch other classes practice while they wait for their turn. There will be a bathroom break after and then we will move backstage until it's time for their performance. Ms. Gabby will have books, games, and treats while they wait for their turn to peform on the stage! As soon as the show is over, our staff will walk them out to find their families and celebrate a special and magical day. Many young dancers need reminders that they will be surrounded by their teachers, friends, and people who love them and are there to help them in any way they need. It can be scary to be dropped off in a new place with new faces. Preparing them beforehand is key!

  3. If it's coming to Showcase... put a name on it! We can't say it enough. Every costume looks the same. Ballet Shoes all (you guessed it!) look the same. If you bring it and you're going to want it back, the best way to ensure this happens is to PUT YOUR CHILD'S FIRST AND LAST NAME on it.

WEEK FOUR - Everything you need to know about your All-Inclusive Showcase Fee, which will be charged on April 15th.
  1. On April 15th, we will charge the All-Inclusive Showcase Fee to your payment information on file. This fee is $110 per dancer ($90 additional siblings) and helps us off-set the Theater Rental, Technical Staff, and other related production costs required to put on our End of Year Showcase. Learn more about this fee and everything it includes in the Showcase Portal.

  2. Included in your All-Inclusive Showcase Fee is a Limited Edition Showcase T-Shirt with this year's Show Logo & the names of all dancers on the back. In order to make sure we order the correct size for your child, please be sure to update your child's SHIRT SIZE in your Online Account. Make sure to do this before we leave for Spring Break.

    • Click Here to watch how to update your child's T-Shirt Size in your Online Account

    • We will have sizing samples in the studio lobby this week if you need help choosing a size. You can leave your child's requested size on the clipboard at the front desk, too and we will update your preferences for you!

    • Be sure to check the NAME LIST posted inside the studio this week to ensure (1) your child's name is on the list and (2) it is spelled correctly. Mark any changes on the list and/or initial beside your child's name to let us know you have checked it for any errors.

    • REMEMBER - every dancer will receive a Showcase Shirt. If you'd like to order extras for parents, siblings, grandparents, or your dancers' biggest fans, you can do so using the Extras Order Form.

  3. It takes a village to make our Showcase a successful event for all of our dancers and families. If you're interested in volunteering at the event, please fill out this form to let us know. We need help backstage, serving as ushers, and with our front-of-house operations! Let us know if you have any questions about this and we appreciate your willingness to help make this a magical day for everyone.

WEEK FIVE - The Final Installment includes Artistic Director Ms. Maia's Top 3 (plus 2!) Tips for the BEST Showcase Ever in this video.
  1. STAY INFORMED! Be cool & be in the know this Showcase Season. I know your e-mail inbox is swamped with information, but at least try to give our weekly e-mails and other notifications a quick scan when they come in to make sure you're not missing anything big. Add a calendar reminder to go in and check the Showcase Portal every few weeks to make sure you have all the details you need to know (the portal is a living-breathing site and is consistently being added to and updated with the info you need to know). ALSO - make sure you've opted in to text messages from us! We don't send texts often but when we do it's usually an important reminder or "last call" sort of reaching out with key details.

  2. Give yourself the gift of being able to STAY IN THE MOMENT during Showcase Week by prepping things ahead of time. It may seem silly, but label your costumes and dance shoes and hair pieces NOW, while things are quieter and calmer. Add the dates to your calendars and set reminders for tasks that you know you won't want to miss. Practice hair styles now and pack-up your show bags early. Not only is Showcase Week busy with studio things, but it's also during one of the busiest times of the year for you parents, too with all of the end of school year things. What can you do know to lessen the stress and work load later this spring?

  3. After weeks of "tips" and "don't forget this" and "this is important" talk, it's mostly important to remember that Showcase Week, above all else, is about celebrating the progress and growth and acheivement of your dancer over the entire season. It's not a week to stress over or expect perfection. Give yourself the gift of grace - we're all going to forget something or make a silly mistake that week. We are here to support you and each other, and we'll get through it together. If you forget the tights... if your bun is more messy than you were hoping... if your dancer misses a step... it doesn't matter y'all! Laugh with your kids. Make new post-show traditions together. Let them tell you their most magical showcase moment. Clap louder for them than you've ever clapped before! There is so much to celebrate and it's not about the dance being perfect or you being perfect... it's about the journey each child has taken this season to overcome, to learn, to grow, and to shine!

AND - just because I couldn't really keep it to just 3 things, I added a bonus 2 for you, too!

  1. ATTENDANCE in class is so so so so so important. Dance is a team sport. Everyone is relying on a full class to teach new material, add progressions, and practice spots, lifts, tricks, and partner/small group work. PLUS the consistency of rehearsal is critical to your child's success on stage and helps ease anxieties as we get closer to performance time.

  2. PRACTICE at home and in between classes also helps your child feel prepared and be successful on stage. Practice Materials can be found in your Online Account under the "resources" section for each class. We'll send an e-mail out when new materials are added and every class should have a practice video available before you leave for Spring Break.

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