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Everything You Need to Know about Costume Fees

A reminder to our families that Costume Fees for our June 3, 2023 End of Season Showcase, "Spark in our Heart," are due on November 15th. Here's a quick run down of everything you need to know about these fees.

  • What are the Costume Fees? Costume Fees are $70 per dancer per class. Boys/Male Dancers have a $40 Costume Fee per class.

  • Does every class have a Costume Fee? Not necessarily. Pre-Pointe and Intensive Training Technique Classes do not perform in our End of Season Showcase so these classes will not require a Costume Fee.

  • How do I make this payment? We will automatically charge Costume Fees on the day they are due (November 15th) to the payment information you have on file. If you prefer to pay in a different manner, please be sure to let us know via e-mail prior to the due date.

  • Do you have a payment plan? Families with 3 or more Costume Fees have the opportunity to spread out your payments over 2 or 3 months. E-mail us prior to the due date if you wish to take advantage of this offer.

  • Are Costume Fees refundable? Costume Fees are NOT refundable once they have posted. Costume Companies do not allow for returns. If you are not planning to participate in the End of Year Showcase, please be sure to let us know via e-mail prior to the due date (November 15th) so that we can process fees accordingly.

  • What is included in the Costume Fee? Dancers will receive a costume for each class along with necessary headpieces and accessories. Dancers will also receive one pair of tights. Costumes will come home on a hanger and garment bag to make storage and travel to-and-from the theater easy and hassle free!

  • What additional items will I need for the Showcase? You will want to make sure your dancer has the correct dance shoes (in the correct colors and styles) and you may also want an additional pair of tights. Older dancers or dancers with costume changes will want a skintone camisole leotard to wear under their costumes to make changes comfortable, quick, and easy. Boys/Male Dancers will need black leggings and/or pants to wear with their Costumes. We will have more information on our Showcase Portal which will launch in January, but choose something that fits well and is comfortable to move in.

  • When can I expect the Costume(s) to arrive? The majority of costumes will arrive in time for our traditional Costume Try-On Week in Mid-January, though some styles and sizes may be delayed and will arrive in February, March, or April. Dancers who enroll in classes or add additional classes in December or January can expect a later arrival date (February-May).

  • When can I see what the Costumes will look like? Once the order is placed, we will share a Virtual Costume Lookbook with our families (along with an actual Lookbook with our dancers in class) so you can see all of the styles that are sure to make our "Spark in our Heart" Showcase our most MAGICAL one yet!

Please let us know if you have any additional questions. Costuming our show is one of our most EXCITING parts of the season and we can't wait to share in the excitement with you. Don't forget that Costume Fees are due November 15th, 2022 and will be automatically charged on this date unless you inform us otherwise. (Please Note: Dancers who enroll in classes in December and January will have Costume Fees due on February 15th, 2023).

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