COVID-19 Safety + Protocols

Updated: Aug 4, 2021

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At Open Arts, we want to ensure you that we are committed to the safety and well-being of you and your dancer.


As most of our dancers are still not eligible to be vaccinated, we are requiring all staff and dancers to wear masks inside the studio. We have designated mask break areas that dancers can use as needed. If your dancer has a health condition and can not wear a mask, please let us know. We also ask all guests over the age of 2 to wear a mask while inside the studio.


While our Lobby is now open for parents and guests to assist dancers in getting ready for class, to speak with our staff, or to use the restroom, we ask that all guests continue to wait outside/in your car if at all possible while your child is in class. Our lobby is small and space is limited. By

only coming in when necessary you are providing space for families who need to use it.


Dancers will enter via the FRONT DOOR and can prepare for class by placing personal items in a lobby cubby, using the restroom before class begins, and putting on the appropriate dance shoes for class.

Parents are welcome to enter with dancers to help them prepare for class and get settled in the studio. Once class begins, we kindly request parents and guests to wait outside the studio if possible.

Staff will dismiss dancers at the BACK DOOR at the end of class. Parents can drive or walk around back to pick-up dancers. We will not allow dancers to be dismissed without a parent or guardian present. (Middle and High School students are allowed to walk around to the front of the building on their own)

  • All parents/guests should exit the studio lobby prior to the end of class and be AT THE BACK DOOR to pick-up dancers. This is an important part of keeping our class transitions and student/family flow as safe as possible.

  • Cars should form a single file car line. Please do not try to drive up beside the carpool line as it is dangerous for our dancers who are walking to their cars.

  • You are also welcome to park and walk around to our back door to pick-up your dancer.


While we strongly encourage in-person education, we will continue to offer Virtual Hybrid learning for dancers in 1st Grade and older classes. Links to join class virtually can be found in your online account.

If you or someone in your household isn't feeling well, has a fever, or presents with symptoms of COVID-19, please stay home and attend class virtually or we can always schedule a make-up for missed classes during any regularly scheduled class in your child's age range.


  • Hand sanitizer is available at the Front and Back Doors for dancers and guests to use when they enter and exit the studio.

  • The water fountains can only be used to refill Water Bottles, so be sure your dancer brings one with them to class each week.

  • We will continue cleaning and disinfecting our bathrooms, floors, surfaces, and other studio areas regularly.

  • Where possible, spots will be marked for dancers to stand, wait, and dance at socially distanced areas.

  • HEPA Air Purifiers have been installed in both studios to re-circulate the air 3-4 times per class session.

Watch this video for a quick walk through of our safety protocols and procedures. (Please note - some of these procedures have changed recently - our studio lobby is now open for parents to enter as needed, but we still encourage guests to wait outside if possible. Dancers will continue to exit out the BACK DOOR at the end of class, so please be sure to line-up in a single-file car line around back or park and walk to the back door to pick-up your dancer at the end of class.)

As always, if you have any questions. please let me know. Thank you, Ms. Maia

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